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Why Use RD?

Deus Loci

RD knows exactly how to ignite and bring to life the ‘Deus Loci ‘and unlock incredible experiences for travellers and business people…

Deus Loci is Latin for “God of place and place of gods…”

Experienced  teams

RD is in itself (and knows the other people) who can retell the stories of a destination and place – and your brand story within that territory…

Market Intelligence

RD knows the Tourism business landscapes in which global business brands can introduce their goods and services into.

Forge relationships

Form meaningful partnership to research, strengthen and document a replicable, best practice sustainable model for the business, destination and markets.

Sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development. A suitable balance must be established between these three dimensions to guarantee its longterm sustainability.

Patience + Resilience…

Tourism is not the place for big returns in a short time frames. To become a winning company and see real results, you need to have focus, patience and resilience.

And you need to have all the facts and the ability to inform market data
Based on global best practices, local market intelligence and data insight, RD helps destination tourism and infrastructure businesses develop and grow with innovative processes, procedures, and tools based on individual and business needs, cultures and resources.