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Review Campaigns

Review campaigns is not very familiar as such but a good example would be traditional press trips arranged for journalist, media and influencers

In a recent study by GfK MRI, travel agents shared their feedback on what they’d like to see in trade magazines and channels, to be able to promote it to their clients:

  • Professional reviews
  • And deeper insights into product offerings and destinations

Reviews are essential to marketing and branding, and can do much more than just make your product, service or brand seem enticing; they can:

  • Boost credibility and promote image
  • Make you stand out from the crowd with clever and creative content produced by ‘others’
  • Make yours the go-to product or service in your industry
  • Provide social proof
  • Help build trust and loyalty

If proof of a product’s or service’s quality gets corroborated by multiple and unrelated sources, this positive vibe resonates across the web and entice prospective buyers to try the particular product or service.

RD creates review campaigns around your content and amplify such by collaborating with influencers to spread it to their followers to get the best coverage and awareness possible.

RD Influencers and reviewers are vetted and trained in creating high quality content, and you’re not exposed to frivolous celebrity whims and pretence.