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Mini Documentary

Independent Documentary Productions


There is no better, more powerful way to place your subject or cause on international agenda than with a documentary.
Documentaries are among the most valuable forms of content delivery – but so far a totally undervalued and neglected form of educational art.

They aren’t all good obviously – depending on who produced it – but the best of them are intriguing, unusual, persuasive, seductive…

And offer a real experience – filling some of the void left by the pretentiousness of social media – and restrictions of television reporting.

Docs focus on serious subjects which affect all human life, attracting a large audience for certain subjects ranging from the rhino horn poaching affecting tourism to the effects of over-tourism (waste and ecosystem)

As authentic journalism has been hard hit with the advent of social media – documentaries are filling a vacant space and supplying much needed information which not only keep audiences informed but sometimes allow them to take action.

Docs subsist at the intersection of education, contemporary culture, journalism, film narrative and entertainment – aiming to interpret or analyse, but most of all to capture human experiences, inform audiences, and tell stories of empowerment or deceit.

In their attractiveness docs can seem more real than reality – capturing the deeper essence and bring to light which otherwise would not have been known.