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Get Published

Getting published in this context here, means to get some journalist to cover a story about your place – in essence a function of public relations

RD organises such press (media) trips for you, and helps you formulate the messages and content you would like journalists to write about.

This does not involve social media influencers as we deal with them with reviews campaigns, where they get thrown into the experience adhoc so they can write about it in the way they feel it.

Press trips are better structured and provide journalists with more in depth facts and data that will lead to far greater stories,

We’re dealing here with people who can actually write a good story, have experience in drafting quality content and know how to bring out the essence of your offering.

With RD’s expertise in journalism, we know exactly what journalists look for to compile a story and provide them with the facts and figures they would need to create a compelling, influential and interesting story that will lure in more visitors.

Generally, a press trip involves a business arrangement between the writers/journalists/ and the selected sponsor, (you as the business entity). The sponsor can be a city, a state, a country, a resort, a hotel or other similar establishments.

The sponsor (business entity) invests time and money to bring a journalist to their location, which after the journalist is expected to – if a freelancer, sell the stories to newspapers, magazines, or other media, and if employed by a media house, feature the story in its publications.

The press trip is an organised group trip, of any size or an individual trip where the writer travels solo.

In association with RD, the sponsor arranges the itinerary along with meals, accommodations, and the schedule.

Unless the journalist lives nearby, s/he is usually flown to the destination. The sponsor then shows the journalist the different attractions in the area that they hope to promote.

The journalists RD involves are carefully selected according to their expertise so they are able to write a story, capture photographs and video suitable for all mediums.