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Fam Trip

Fam Trips For Travel Agents And Advisors

Fam trips are short for Familiarisation Trips – meaning giving agents and advisers an opportunity to learn about a specific destination, place – or new product or experience.

A Fam trip might send a travel agent on a new cruise, or a tour, or a stay at a luxurious resort to get to know about the place. When they have first-hand experience of  the destination, they will be better able to understand the trip and describe it to their customers so they can sell it.

The arrangements for each trip will differ, but they often follow a similar format that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the product, and all the ins and outs of traveling to the location in general.

These trips are usually offered at a low cost to the travel agent in the hopes that bookings will come from it later.

Reasons to care about Fam trips:

  • Agents getting Inspired: Travel agents returning from a Fam trip often feel inspired and energised by the experience and ready to grow their business to a new level.
  • Agents getting Destination Knowledge: The travel professional will gain first-hand knowledge of the destination so they can describe the experience to their customers accurately.
  • Improving Credibility: Customers tend to trust travel agent recommendations more when they have been to the destination themselves.
  • Creating Content: FAM trips are a great way to create content that agents can use to market the product.
  • Networking Opportunities: One of the most important benefits of FAM trips is that travel agents will have the opportunity to network with others and the owners of the product. These connections are incredibly valuable and can help travel agents grow their careers and more favourable promote the product t other agents
  • Relationships: travel agents will develop relationships with the suppliers and resort staff for better customer service and support.